Silt Fence

Silt Fence is the first line of protection around construction projects. Silt Fence is designed to slowly filter water to reduce sediment from leaving the job site. GroGreen manufactures silt fence to a variety of specifications and can print a custom logo to advertise your company.

D.O.T. Grade Fabrics

Gro-Green manufactures silt fence and fabrics that fully comply with each state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications. All fabrics are strong geotextiles that resist ultraviolet deterioration, rotting, biological degradation, and naturally found acidic and basic soil conditions.

We service and ship to all states in the U.S.! CALL US if your state isn’t listed below.

Georgia D.O.T. Certified Fabrics
Florida D.O.T. Certified Fabrics
South Carolina D.O.T. Certified Fabrics