Our Company, Our History

GroGreen Solutions, est. 2008

GroGreen Solutions was founded to manufacture and distribute a complete line of erosion related products while providing unmatched service for our dealers.

In 2008, the economy was tanking and companies were cutting cost to stay afloat. All around the nation, small and large businesses were shutting down. This economic recession wasn’t like anything most people have ever experienced in their lifetime. The market was not needing a startup erosion manufacture / wholesalers in Middle Georgia during this time. This did not deter Brad McCoy, Wes McAteer and partners from opening GroGreen Solutions.

The company’s goal is simple. Manufacture and offer a full line of erosion related materials with unmatched service while building long lasting relationships with our customers. Since its founding, GroGreen Solutions has expanded its dealer network from Georgia, to the entire southeast as well as the west coast and Canada.

GroGreen Solutions has expanded its manufacturing capabilities from a few silt fence machines to nearly 40 erosion control production machines. GroGreen has recently added manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Atlanta, Georgia and Osyka, Mississippi. We believe in keeping stock inventory for everything we sell. Our line of products compliment our customers and the industry.

Although the company has only been in business for 9 years, the core leadership of the company has a combined 50 plus years’ experience. We truly believe that people are what makes a company and we have some of the best people in the business.

Greg Jarrell, CEO

Smokey and CPOP

Learn the history and application of CPOP products from the inventor, Robert “Smokey” Page. GroGreen Solutions is the proud manufacturer and distributor of CPOP.

Protection from Nature